Doctoral School in "Humanoid Technologies"

50 fellowships

The Universitŗ degli Studi di Genova ( and the Italian Institute of Technology ( have made an agreement for a 3-year PhD School in Robotics, Neurosciences and Nanotechnologies.

The Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) is a research institution in Italy that is currently in an advanced start-up phase. The fellowships assigned by IIT to the University of Genova are part of the start-up strategy of the Institute and have the specific goal of forming the first generation of IITís research fellows.

Following the start of the Research Labs in the IITís Headquarters in Genova Morego (Italy) and the appointment of the first scientists, this yearís research topics are proposed by the Research Directors and their senior collaborators.  The candidates are asked to prepare a research project of their choice with explicit reference to the Theme proposed. The soundness of the project will be part of the evaluation process and will be considered preferential for the choice of the individual scientific theme that will be made jointly by the tutor and the candidate.

 The themes are structured with reference to the proposing Research Directors:

  1. Neuroscience and Brain Technologies         (Prof. Fabio Benfenati)
  2. Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences      (Prof. Darwin Caldwell)
  3. Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences      (Prof. Jean-Guy Fontaine)
  4. Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences      (Prof. Giulio Sandini)

This yearís school activities will start in January 2008.

Applicants should refer to the following documentation:


Bando rettorale Bando rettorale
Procedures for applications (extracted from the Bando rettorale)
Research  Themes (annex A) Research Themes (annex A)
Schema di Domanda (annex B) [PDF] [DOC] Application Form (annex B) [PDF]  [DOC]
Scadenza: 1 ottobre 2007 Application deadline: October 1, 2007

File Containing All Application Documents and Forms
(Italian version)
File Containing All Application Documents and Form
(English version)