Doctoral School on "Life and Humanoid Technologies"


Calendar of Courses -- 2010

N. Lecturers Course Title  Dates  Timetable Hours Credits Enrolment Deadline
1 Axel Blau, Luca Berdondini, Sergio Martinoia, Alessandro Vato (RBCS) Neuroelectronic devices and brain-artificial hybrids for in-vitro and in-vivo neuroscience     8 3 04-giu
    Neuro-electronic interface models (Sergio Martinoia) 07-giu 10.00-12.00      
    Electrode based neuro-electronic hybrid systems (Luca Berdondini) 08-giu 10.00-12.00      
    Tracing the electrophysiology of neural networks: technological approaches to deciphering and making use of neural coding schemes (Axel Blau) 10-giu 10.00-12.00      
    In vivo brain-machine interfaces (Alessandro Vato) 11-giu 10.00-12.00      
2 Marco Salerno (Nanobio), Luca Giacomelli Scientific publishing     8 3 04-giu
    Identifying robust evidence in scientific literature (Luca Giacomelli) 10-giu 14.00-16.00      
    How to write a scientific report (Marco Salerno) 18-giu 10.00-12.00      
    What surrounds the writing of a paper? Guidelines,
 peer-reviewing and ethic of scientific literature"
(Luca Giacomelli)
01-lug 14.00-16.00      
    How to write a project proposal (Marco Salerno) 08-lug 14.00-16.00      
3 Andrea Barberis, Tommaso Fellin, Valter Tucci An integrated view of the synapse: roles of neurons and glia in the regulation of synaptic transmission and plasticity     8 3 04-giu
      14  June (Barberis)             11.00-13.30      
      21 June (Fellin) 10.00-11.30      
      23 June (Fellin) 10.00-11.30      
      28 June (Tucci) 10.00-12.30      
4 Michela Chiappalone Advanced signal processing tools for multielectrode data 15-giu 10.00-12.00 8 3 04-giu
      16-giu 10.00-12.00      
      17-giu 10.00-12.00      
      22-giu 10.00-12.00      
5 Paolo Medini, Laura Cancedda  Development and Plasticity of Cortical Microcircuits in Vivo     8 3 25-Jun
    Role of GABA in cortical development (Laura Cancedda) 19 July; 20 July 14.00-16.00       
    Paolo Medini 21 July; 22 July 14.00-16.00      
6 Fabio Sambataro Basic Statistics 2; 9; 16; 23 July (Fri) 10.00-12.00 8 3 25-Jun
7 Alexander Dityatev  Cell adhesion and extracellular matrix molecules in formation and plasticity of synapses 13; 14; 15; 16 Sep 15.00-17.00  8 3 16-Jul
8 Laura Gasparini, Raffaella Tonini, Francesco Papaleo, Mara Pennuto, Stefano Taverna, Mounia Chami, Evelina Chieregatti, Andrea Contestabile Molecular synaptic and behavioural disfunction in neurodiseases. Neurodegenerative diseases and Cognitive diseases.     16 6 16-Jul
    Molecular mechanisms in Alzheimer Disease (Laura Gasparini) 06-set 9.00-11.00      
    Repeat Expansion Disorders (Mara Pennuto)  07-set 10.00-12.00      
    Studying cognition in mice (Francesco Papaleo)  08-set 10.00-12.00      
    Calcium and degeneration (Mounia Chami) 10-set 10.00-12.00      
    Pathological synaptic plasticity in neurodiseases (Raffaella Tonini)  17-set 11.00-13.00      
    Basal ganglia synaptic microcircuits in Parkinsonís disease (Stefano Taverna)   20-set 11.00-13.00      
     Molecular mechanisms of neurotransmission (Chieregatti) 21-set 14.00-16.00       
    Neurobiology of Down Syndrome (Andrea Contestabile)  22-set 9.00-11.00      
9 Raul Gainetdinov, Tatiana Sotnikova, Tatiana Tkatch Physiology and pathology of monoaminergic transmission     8 3 16-Jul
    Raul Gainetdinov  27-set 11.00-13.00; 15.00-17.00      
    Tatiana Sotnikova 28-set 11.00-13.00      
    Tatiana Tkatch 28-set 15.00-17.00      
10 Marco Canossa, Pietro Baldelli  Neurotrophin     8 3 16-Jul
    Pietro Baldelli 5 Oct; 8 Oct 11.00-13.00       
    Marco Canossa 4 Oct; 6 Oct 11.00-13.00      
11 Marco Canossa, Davide DePietri, Andrea Contestabile, Matteo Bergami  Adult neurogenesis     8 3 16-Jul
     How to make a brain (Davide De Pietri)  18-ott 9.00-11.00      
    Regulation of adult generated neurons by BDNF (Marco Canossa)  19-ott 9.00-11.00      
    Impaired neurogenesis and memory deficits in Down Syndrome (Andrea Contestabile) 20-ott 9.00-11.00      
     Evolving methods for exploring adult neuronal precursors and their progeny (Matteo Bergami) 21-ott 14.00-16.00