A Few Words About LIRA-Lab

LIRA-Lab (Laboratorio Integrato di Robotica Avanzata) Laboratory for Integrated Advanced Robotics operates in the Department of Communication, Computer and Systems Science (DIST) of the University of Genova.

The main research theme is artificial vision and sensory-motor coordination from a computational neuroscience perspective. The goal is to understand how the brain of living systems transforms sensory input into motor and cognitive functions by implementing physical models of sensorimotor behaviors.

Research activity is carried out around a number of experimental setups allowing experimentation with humanoid robots as well as basic research on artificial vision and robot control.

The staff is composed of persons with permanent positions and students at the doctoral, graduate and undergraduate level as well as visiting scientists from inside and outside Italy.

LIRA-Lab is funded by National and International agencies and industries within Collaborative research project.

For more information about LIRA-Lab contact:

Giulio Sandini
@ LIRA-Lab, DIST, University of Genova
Viale Causa 13 I-16145 Genova ITALIA

voice: +39 010 3532779
fax: +39 010 3532948