M. Coccoli, A. Grosso, C. Vecchiola
LIDO, DIST, University of Genova (Italy)


AgentService - Developing multi-agent systems in .NET


The development of a full featured environment for the design, the implementation, and the deployment of agent-oriented applications is presented. To this aim a specific agent execution platform is presented with an agent-oriented programming language as well. Agent programming requires the use of distributed and concurrent computing as well as exchange of asynchronous messages. A number of agent programming platforms already exist providing such functionalities. Nevertheless, available platforms do not offer a strictly agent-oriented perspective keeping developers tied to the object-oriented model. The AgentService programming suite provides all the agent features in a new way of programming agents. The Agent Service provides a novel approach to deal with concurrency and asynchronous communication among agents. The development of distinctive characteristics of Agent Service is made possible thanks to advanced features such as IL, multi threading, remoting, application domains, and security system.