Our Past "Visitors"

Satyajit Rao (from MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology )
Julie Behan (from University of Limerick )
Paul Fitzpatrick ( from MIT Computer Science and Artifical Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL))
Wouter Aupers (from Department of Artificial Intelligence Institute, University of Groningen - The Netherlands)
Filiberto Pla (from Department de Llenguatges i Sistemes Informātics, Universitat Jaume I,Castelló - Spain)
Javier Traver (from Department de Llenguatges i Sistemes Informātics, Universitat Jaume I of Spain)
Alexandre José Bernardino, (from IST-ISR, University of Lisbona) 
Antonios Gasteratos, (from Greece with a TMR grant)
Carlos Beltran Gonzalez
, (from the University of Valencia, Spain, with a TMR grant) 
Andreas Artavanis (from ICS-FORTH Greece with a TMR Grant)
Antonio Bandera (from University of Malaga, Spain)
Dr. Nicholas M. Barnes (from the University of Melburne)
Alexandre Bernandino (from ISR-IST, Lisbon, Portugal with a TMR Grant)
Paulo Bernardo (Erasmus Student from Portugal)
Eugenia Cano (Erasmus Student from Valencia, Spain)
Dr. Armel Cretual
(from INRIA-Rennes with a TMR Grant)
Rickard Elg
(Erasmus Student from Sweden)
Pär Fornland (from KTH Sweden )
Etienne Grossmann (from France now in Portugal)
Lars Knudsen (from University of Aalborg, Denmark with a TMR Grant)
Prof. Zbigniew Mikrut (from University of Krakow, Poland)
Dr. Jan Nielsen
Dr. Fernando Pardo (from Valencia, Spain)
Dr. Thomas Roewekamp (from GMD, Germany now at Nokia)
Dr. Marcos Salganicoff (from Philadephia, USA)
Prof. Jose Santos Victor (from ISR-IST, Lisbon, Portugal)
Dr. Xavier M. Sauvan (with a TMR Grant)
Prof. Carlo Spirito (from the University of Maine)
Dr. Michel Winter (from CNRS-France with a TMR Grant, now in Compaq)