Advanced MObile VIdeo Communication TEchnologies

Project Synopsis

The technical goals in the development of the new GSM - camera include:

  1. for the sensor: additional functionalities and standard circuits on board;

  2. for the camera: case redesign, lens/auxiliary electronics/connections revision;

  3. for the overall system: design of interfaces camera/GSM and camera/LCD display.

From the technical point of view, the major task will be the design of a camera/GSM interface. From the timing perspective, the longest task will be the upgrade of the chip with additional functionalities due to long fabrication times (not less than 5 months).

The business goals (after the successful project completion) are to reach a strong position in the niche of GSM-based video communication, with a sales level around 100,000 units/year (subject to an alliance with a large ICT player).