The FUGA 18 IBIDEM Retina

This sensor has been realized within IBIDEM, a project funded by the European Union under the Technology Initiative for Disabled and Eldely (TIDE).

The picture shows the overall layout of the sensor. The main features of the sensor are:
  • Technology: CMOS
  • Total Number of pixels: 8013
  • Pixel arrangement (periphery): 128x56
  • Pixel arrangement (fovea): 20 rings with variable pixel's number
  • Minimum Pixel Size: 14 microns
  • Size of the chip: 8.3mm
  • Logarithmic response to illumination
For full specs see: Here
In order to cover the surface of the sensor down the the center the innermost 20 rings have a variable number of pixels (see picture on the right):
  • 10 rings with 64 pixels
  • 5 rings with 32 pixels
  • 2 rings with 16 pixels
  • 3 rings with 8,4,1 pixels respectively