ECVnet: European Network of Excellence in Computer Vision

Project Synopsis

The European Computer Vision Network (ECV Net) is an association of public, private and industrial research laboratories devoted to the advancement of the science and technology of computer vision in Europe. The long term goal of computer vision is to develop a technology for building machines which can see as robustly and effortlessly as humans. Expressed in common language, a technology for building seeing machines will permit such things as:

  1. Factory robots to adapt dynamically to their environments
  2. Service robots for cleaning and security applications
  3. Automobiles that drive themselves
  4. Advanced man-machine interfaces in which vision is used to capture the gestures and facial expressions of the user

The European Computer Vision Network has been formed to accelerate the development and exploitation of computer vision technology in Europe. Specifically, the goals of the network are:

  1. To incite development of the technology needed for the widespread use of computer vision within the European Union
  2. To assist in the transfer of technology between public research institutions, technology suppliers and end-users
  3. To coordinate and consolidate basic and applied research in computer vision within the European Union

The transition of computer vision to a widely used technology requires continued progress in engineering technology, scientific researcher and education. The European Computer Vision Network will assure progress in these areas within the European Union.

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