Erasmus project - ICP-95-I-4017/06

Project Synopsis

This program is directed toward students of the last years of the curricula in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, and Robotics interested in studying aspects of perception from the point of view of natural and artificial systems. The institutions participating in this proposal are already collaborating in EU-funded projects aimed at studying active perception and, as such, are well aware of the strong need of interdepartmental collaborations to be able to present a sufficiently broad view of this complex aspect of scientific knowledge.

Apart from the obvious commonalities of the courses offered by the different institutions, each partners has its own specificity and only through mutual exchange of students it will be possible to give the students a true un-biased view of natural and artificial perception. The methods chosen by the participating institutions to offer this possibility are:

Besides the research projects mentioned before the institutions participating to this proposal are also members of a Network of Excellence in Computer Vision the Human Capital and Mobility Networks SMART and RETINA. All these activities cover exchange of information and students at the graduate and post-doc level

Contact Person

Prof. Giulio Sandini			tel. +39-10-353.2779
DIST - University of Genova		fax +39-10-353.2948
Viale Causa, 13				e-mail:
16145 Genova - Italy

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