Robust Vision for Sensing in Industrial Operations and Needs


ESPRIT Long Term Research Project No. 28867

Project Synopsis

This project develops a vision system that finds and measures the location of 3D structures with respect to a CAD-model. The integration of a CAD-model to visual measurement and direct feedback of measurement results is a key aspect. The objective is to render visual processing robust to deviations in parts and environmental conditions. To achieve this goal a technique is developed that integrates different cues of images to obtain confidence of the measurement result.

Reliability is tackled by developing a theory of robust visual recognition by integrating redundant low level image cues and sparse high level object knowledge. Image cues and object knowledge are exploited and integrated both at a local and global level. For the extraction of basic visual cues independent and complimentary modules are envisaged. The modularity of the toolbox is the basis for integrating the acquisition of visual information with tools of the control and engineering process.

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