Semi Autonomous Monitoring and Robotics Technology
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Responsabile: Giulio Sandini
Ente Finanziatore: EU-TMR

Project Synopsis

The SMART network was founded in 1993. The network brings together 13 leading European laboratories and small enterprises working in the areas of computer vision and mobile robotics for surveillance and monitoring. The objective of the SMART network is to develop technologies in the areas of surveillance and monitoring. The SMART II workplan is composed of activities in the areas of "Video Surveillance and Monitoring", "Mobility for Surveillance and Monitoring" and "Applications of Techniques for Surveillance and Monitoring". The tasks in these workpackages are designed to build on and complement existing research activities through the exchange of researchers and collaborative research.

In its first two years of operation, the SMART network has evolved into an active community in which new sub-groups regularly form to respond to particular scientific opportunities. The network organises an annual symposium (SIRS) each July dedicated to Computer Vision and Mobile Robotics in addition to semi-annual workshops.

Contact Person

Prof. Giulio Sandini		tel. +39-010-353.2779
DIST - University of Genova	fax  +39-010-353.2948
Viale Causa, 13		        e-mail:
16145 Genova - Italy


Participants			Role (Nation)	
DIST				Coordinator (I) 
IST - ISR			Partner (P)	
AITEK S.r.L.			Partner (I)
Robosoft Sa			Partner (F)
Scuola Superiore S. Anna	Partner (I)
CSATA - Novus Orta 		Partner
University of Leeds
University of Reading
Trinity College Dublin
Aalborg University
Institute of Systems and Robotics
EC Joint Research Center (JRC)
University of Edimburgh