Unita' Robotica Mobile per Ausilio ai Disabili

This Project is Supported by the Italian National Council of Research under the special project on robotics

Picture Here An Autonomous Mobile Robot System

The project aims at developing and demonstrating a prototype robotic system capable of executing in a partially autonomous fashion some ordinary operations useful for the assistance to disable people. Our unit in the project takes care the realization of a mobile vehicle, equipped with autonomous capabilities of navigation, obstacle avoidance and path planning in structured environments. The setup used consists of a Motorola VME rack containing a Motorola MVME167 card, a Motorola MVME162 card, and an ELTEC CFG card, a TRC Labmate mobile base, and a SUN SPARCclassic workstation. The TRC Labmate vehicle is equipped with three cameras, two for stereo vision and one for landmark recognition, and with a set of 8 ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection. The choice of Motorola architecture, and consequently of VMEexec Development Environment System, allows concurrency management using high level primitives and simplifies the development and debugging phases.

Reports and Articles

The Team: Francesco Buemi , Fabrizio Ferrari, Corrado Innocenti, Mauro Magrassi, Massimo Massa , Gianluca Mondino, Pietro Regis, Giulio Sandini

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