VIRGO Web Page

Responsabile: Giulio Sandini
Ente Finanziatore: EU-TMR

Project Synopsis

The goal of the VIRGO network is to coordinate European research and postgraduate training activities that address the development of intelligent robotic systems able to navigate in (partially) unknown and possibly dynamic environments. This goal will be achieved through a framework which enhances RTD activities in European laboratories, already established in the aforementioned scientific area. Specifically, in pursuing this goal, alternative environment representations based on visual information will be studied and methods to process these representations and use them to control the motion of the mechanical parts of a robot will be developed. Although VIRGO will focus on the use of visual information, other sensors will also be considered in order to simplify and facilitate certain tasks. Environment learning issues will also be considered within VIRGO, aiming at autonomous acquisition of the discriminating environment features.

VIRGO will focus on the use of visual information in robot navigation, that is information acquired from a sequence of images. This information will, however, be combined with information provided by other sensors (e.g. sonar, IR, tactile) to simplify certain tasks. In acquiring and processing the visual information, our approach is based on the Purposive and Qualitative vision paradigm, which offers many advantages for the particular task.

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