Doctoral School on "Robotics, Neuroscience and Nanotechnologies"


Calendar of Courses -- 2008



Course Title




Machine Learning 15 4 Marco Muselli
Statistics and Non Linear Regression 18 5 Cristiano Cervellera
Computational Motor Control 20 5 Giorgio Cannata, Vittorio Sanguineti
Mechanical Components and Technologies 15 4 David Corsini, Francesco Becchi
Motor Control in the Primate Brain 12 4 Luciano Fadiga
Basic Physiology of Action and Brain Neuroanatomy 12 4 Thierry Pozzo
Psychophysical Methods in the Study of Perception 12 4 Monica Gori
Computational Neuroscience 12 4 Stefano Panzeri
Laboratory Course on Electrical and Electronic Measures 12 4 Bruno Bonino
Basic Control Theory 9 3 Francesco Nori
Robot Programming in C++ 12 4 Lorenzo Natale
Molecular mechanisms and modulation of excitation and inhibition in the brain 12 4 Andrea Barberis,  Tommaso Fellin, Raffaella Tonini
Cell adhesion and extracellular matrix in the central nervous system 9 3 Alexander Ditytev
Development and Functioning of Cortical Microcircuits in vivo 10 3 Paolo Medini, Laura Cancedda
Neurophysiology 20 5 Pietro Baldelli
Electrophysiological Techniques 12 4 Pietro Baldelli
Disorders of the Central Nervous System: from molecular mechanisms to therapeutic targets 12 4 Laura Gasparini, Evelina Chieregatti, Davide De Pietri Tonelli, Alexander Dityaytev, Andrea Contestabile, Pietro Baldelli