Doctoral School on "Life and Humanoid Technologies"


Calendar of Courses -- 2010



Course Title




Introduction to the Analysis and Control of Advanced Robotic Systems 9 3 Edward Grant, PhD
Internal Models for Perception and Action in the Brain 6 3 Juergen Konczak
Phylogenesis, Computational approach and Motor cognition 6 3 Thierry Pozzo, Bastien Berret
Psychophysics I 6 3 Monica Gori
Haptics 8 4 Gabriel Baud-Bovy
Introduction to Statistics with R 8 4 Gabriel Baud-Bovy
Development of multisersory integration 6 3 Monica Gori
Introductory Mechatronics 16 5 Alberto Parmiggiani, Nikolaos Tsagarakis, Emanuele Guglielmino, Traveler Hauptman