The LIMBS seminars: archive 2004/2005

This is the 2004/2005 archive of the LIMBS seminars. Please browse from the links below.

  1. Davide Anghinolfi et al.
    Stock trading and genetic algorithms
  2. Mauro Coccoli
    AgentService - Developing multi-agent systems in .NET
  3. Anna Custo
    Fast simulation of Diffuse Optical Imaging: determining an effective scattering coefficient of a void space in adult head models
  4. Barbara Mazzarino
    Multimodal interfaces for expressive interaction
  5. Giorgio Metta
    Mirror neurons: biological insight and robotic implementation
  6. Armando Tacchella
    The NP-hard days of our lives (reloaded)
  7. Federica Viti
    Microarray technique: a powerful method for gene expression analyses