The Space-variant CMOS Retina

This sensor has been realized within SVAVISCA, a project funded by the European Union under the Long Term Research initiative of ESPRIT.

IBIDEM project

SVAVISCA Phase 1 home page and Press Release

SVAVISCA Phase 2 home page

More about the Giotto camera and specs of GIOTTO (pdf) the space-variant camera

OMNIVIEWS Omnidirectional visual sensor

AMOVITE: Advanced MObile VIdeo Communication TEchnologies

For additional information visit the RETINICA home page

The figure on the left shows an image acquired with the SVAVISCA sensor. The pixel's layout is the same described for the IBIDEM retina and is composed of 8,013 pixels with the foveal arrangement shown below.

The color version of the chip was obtained by microdeposition of filters over the monochromatic layout. Different layouts were tested first by simulation and then through physical implementation. On the right the best pattern of the microfilters is shown.
A picture of the surface of the sensor is shown for the foveal (left) and the peripheral (right) part of the sensor.