Anthropomorphic robotics website

     A course for the bioengineering curricula

Teaching: Giorgio Metta, Francesco Nori, Ugo Pattacini, Matteo Fumagalli

Text Book: L. Sciavicco and B. Siciliano. Robotica Industriale. Modellistica e controllo di manipolatori, seconda edizione. McGraw-Hill. 2000. ISBN 88-386-0874-1. (main textbook for the first semester, also English version available).

Exam Guidelines:  exam rules for second semester (eng) and exam rules for first semester (eng).

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When and where:
First semester: Wednesday 14-16 (room B6), Friday 14-16 (room B6).

Still to be defined. Please contact Giorgio Metta and Francesco Nori for details.

To contact Giorgio Metta:
     tel: 010-353-2946 or 010-71781411
     email: pasa (AT)

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     tel: 010-353-2946 or 010-71781420
     email: iron (AT)

To contact Ugo Pattacini:
     tel: 010-71781420
     email: ugo.pattacini (AT)

To contact Matteo Fumagalli:
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     email: matteo.fumagalli (AT)

Mailing list: robotica (AT)

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First semester (September-December): syllabus and lecture notes

Second semester (March-May): syllabus and lecture notes

Interesting papers used in previous courses:

    - M. Kawato.
          Internal models for motor control and trajectory planning
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    -  R. Poppele, G. Bosco.
          Sophisticated spinal contributions to motor control
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    - P. Borroni, M. Montagna, G. Cerri, F. Baldissera.
          Cyclic time course of motor excitability modulation during the observation of a cyclic hand movement
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International Journal of Psychophysiology 35, 2000. pp. 165-177 -pdf-
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   - R.C. Miall, D.M. Wolpert.
          Forward models of physiological motor control.

          Neural Networks Vol 9, Issue 8, 1265-1279, 1996 -pdf-

Optional and extra material

- See the Cognitive Humanoids Laboratory website, the LIRA-Lab and the RobotCub project home page.

- Part of the material presented in the second semester was taken from the book "A Mathematical Introduction to Robotic Manipulation" by Richard Murray, Zexiang Li and Shankar Sastry available here -pdf-.

Problem sets (past exams):

Januay 2011: exercise -pdf- and questions -pdf-

June 2007: -pdf-

January 2006: -pdf- outline of the solution -pdf- attached data sheet -pdf-

November 2005: -pdf- outline of the solution -pdf- attached data sheet -pdf- -pdf-

2005: compito2005.pdf

2004: compito2004.pdf


- R. Shadmehr and S.P. Wise. The computational Neurobiology of Reaching and Pointing. MIT Press. Cambrige - MA. 2005. ISBN 0-262-19508-9. (in particular, chapter 7 and 8)

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